Safety Procedures For Easter Communion

Although we won’t be able to meet with each other in the sanctuary, we are planning on having drive-up communion.

What is drive-up communion? Our leadership team will direct you to the parking lot. We will help you keep proper distance between your vehicle and the vehicles around you. Our team will then take you communion elements straight to your car. This way you don’t have to get off. In order to keep you and our staff safe, our staff will be wearing face masks when they get near your vehicle. We will also have hand sanitizer stations all around the parking lot. Pastor David will then pray over everyone and lead us into communion. Once we are done with communion we will dismiss.

We understand that there is a lot of safety concern over COVID-19 and we want to assure you that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep you and our staff safe. 

We love you, and we will miss you BUT if you are:

  • High risk
  • Have an underlying condition
  • Have recently traveled to a “hot spot” 
  • Have recently shown symptoms of any kind of sickness

PLEASE STAY HOME | We will be praying for you and if we can make proper accommodations, we will. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Senior Pastor. 

CDC Guidelines & Procedures

Guidance Highlights for Events and Mass Gatherings

  • Encourage staff and attendees to stay home if sick.
  • Develop flexible refund policies for attendees.
  • Provide supplies that can be used to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • Consult local public health officials about your event.
  • Review considerations on when to cancel an event.

At all times…

  1. Encourage your staff or community members to protect their personal health.

  2. Post the signs and symptoms of COVID-19:
    fever, cough, shortness of breath.

  3. Encourage people to stay home when sick.

  4. Clean surfaces that are frequently touched – things such as shared desks, countertops, kitchen areas, electronics, and doorknobs.

  5. Limit events and meetings that require close contact.

  6. Stay up to date on developments in your community.

  7. Create an emergency plan for possible outbreak.

  8. Assess if community members are at higher risk and plan accordingly.


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